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Anonym användare:
Hi! I wonder if it is possible to order the dress with ID: B010394 without diamonds? No glitter at all!

Hello, ok you can sew your request, you leave a message in the order.
Anonym användare:
Im intrested ID: B010485. Does it look exactly like the picture and what happens if I want to return it?
How long does it take to order from you. When will I recieve the dress?
Hello, wedding sewing time is 15-20 days. Transport time 3-5 days. If there is no quality or size of the problem can not be returned. Because clothes are hand-sewn. So I hope you understand.
Anonym användare:
My order nr BWSE2014082608357, ordered 2014-08-26. Can you be very kind to let me to know when I can get my dress? Thank you for the answer,
Best regards, Soror
Hello, clothes, September 25 has been shipped. 3-5 days to receive.
Anonym användare:
Hi. I was wonder if you have some more pictures of this dress B006565, a black and white dress.
Hello, this dress is only this one picture. This dress is made ​​out comparative picture more beautiful. You do not have to worry.
Anonym användare:
I would like to know if you have your own pictures of the dress ID: B009485 and close up pictures of the lace you use.and the same for the dress ID: B009738. Thank you very much!
kind regards
Hello, this dress does not beat his own sewing photos, general customer orders sew well. Send in the past. You do not have to worry. This dress sewn out beautifully.
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