Pool Party’s You must Visit for 2017

Pool parties are a great way to beat the spring and summer heat and have fun in the pool. If you haven’t been to a pool party since you were a kid, then you are in for one wild ride, because they sure have changed! Enjoy your spring break or summer vacation along the side of a pool, listening to music, drinking and having fun with your friends. If you want to maximize your pool party experience, here are a list of venues to visit to attend the best pool parties in 2017.

1. Rehab Beach Club At Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada
For nearly a decade, Rehab has been throwing some of the best pool parties around and still manages to bring in as many young people every weekend as it did a decade ago. The Hard Rock is home to three pool areas, but Rehab is the one everyone keeps going back to every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is popular for its themed parties and discounts hotel guests receive on Fridays.

2.SkyBar At Mondrian

Las Angeles, California
The SkyBar pool and bar has one of the best views of L.A and hosts a number of great pool parties throughout the summer. Every Sunday through September there will be talent on the pool deck from 1-8pm and will have a signature program throughout the week. It is popular because of its sleek look and view.

3. Marquee Day Club

Las Vegas, Nevada
This huge nightclub/day club knows how to throw some of the top notch pool parties in Las Vegas. It is always packed with people and always has A-list DJ’s for entertainment. If the Las Vegas sun is too hot for you, the indoor club goes all day as well.

4. Encore Beach Club At Wynn Encore

Las Vegas, Nevada
This club kicks off the spring break season the earliest of all clubs and is one of the biggest venues to attend a pool party at. It also brings in big musical acts such as David Guetta, Diplo, and Kaskade. It has a great stage, has multiple levels, cabanas and stripper poles. It is so popular because it is one of the only venues to throw night-time pool parties on Thursdays and ladies get in at a discounted price.

5. Swim Club At Ace Hotel

Palm Springs, California
The Swim Club hosts a number of quirky pool parties throughout summer that you don’t want to miss out on. The Ace Hotel itself is becoming a hip place to stay for the younger crowd. The Swim Club will host a number of pool parties from June through August. It is popular for its quirkiness and is considered a very hip place with the younger crowd.

6. Reload At Shore Club

Miami, Flordia
Reload has thrown some of the best pool parties in Miami. In fact, it was rated as the #1 pool party destination in Miami by some of the most renowned pool party experts in the world. It is always packed full of beautiful women and has one of the best brunches in town. If you want to attend a party fit for a celebrity. then this is your party to attend to. It is so popular because of the A+ parties and women drink free.

7. SINTILLATE Champagne Spray Party At Ocean Club Marbella

Marbella, Spain
Yes, this pool party is in Spain, and no, it definitely isn’t cheap. This pool party really isn’t for just anybody, but if you happen to find yourself in the area, and can afford it, this party is something quite amazing. The Ocean Club Marbella has one of the largest swimming pools in Europe, a designer bar, over-sized white leather beds, a massage zone and even an award winning restaurant to eat at, who could resist any of that? That’s not even adding the thousands of bottles of champagne that pool party goers spray all over each other. It is popular because it is different from other pool parties with all that champagne spraying and it’s very luxurious.

Any of these pool parties are great places to spend your spring break and summer vacation in 2017. Don’t just sit around not having fun and being too hot from the rising temperatures, find a great pool party and make memories this year.

Three Las Vegas Casino Resorts Coming Soon the Las Vegas Strip near You!

If you’re in search for one of the best cities to visit in the United States than there is many to choose from. However a lot of citizens choose to go with a more extraordinary destination by selecting Las Vegas as their vacation or leisure spot. The strip on Las Vegas however is changing daily and is becoming one of the biggest attractions in the world. With the location being sent really found in the middle of the desert a lot of people believe that Las Vegas wouldn’t become as big as it is today.

The W is an amazing new resort that will be launching in December of 2017. This isn’t too far away when it comes to construction deadlines as there are many projects occurring in Las Vegas that will not be completed until much later. Some projects aren’t done for 10 years and for this project to be almost completed says that it has been in construction for many years already. The W will be up gaming Resort as well as hotel for new customers to come and check out on the Las Vegas Strip. You don’t want to miss out on the large 170000 square foot area of which this establishment holds. This project will be one of the biggest Las Vegas has ever seen. Opening in 2017 gives this Resort credibility and anxiousness of its arrival the W also is doing something that many construction sites do as well which is by taking over the Tower of another company. Originally the land of which the W Hotel and Resort is one was owned and managed by SLS. Now that SOS is out of the picture the W Hotel seeks to expand on what the SLS platform already began in designs. The w very expect acular as well because of the many features that it comes with the amazing Resort holds over 280 rooms and has Suites as well as standard in business rooms as well. If you order ahead of time you may even have the chance of saving money on a purchase. Online purchases are preferred and as you will have a confirmation number and set time and date to arrive to your Resort the pool on the roof is also an added bonus for many VIP customers.

MGM Resorts is a resort that has been around for many years in Las Vegas. The establishment holds almost the bar of Casino gaming in the very beautiful city. With MGM Resorts constantly enhancing the output it always attracts new and existing customers. MGM Resorts is by far one of the most extraordinary experiences you can feel while visiting Las Vegas. With this being said it is always advise that you learn about the resort before entering this helps to prevent getting lost coming with less buns to do what you want in the resort.

The Lucky Dragon is another one of the many projects that can currently be found in the Las Vegas strip area. This Resort will be very very large. So large that it may be able to be considered the largest establishment in the Las Vegas area. Sitting on over 80 acres of land the Lucky Dragon will hold over 3000 rooms 3000 rooms is by far one of the biggest hotels and resorts in the United States and North America. With this being said a lot of people will come to check out the lucky dragon. With the deadline being set to be open sometime in this 2019 people have a long time to schedule and arrange the best way they will be arriving to the Lucky Dragon. Make sure that you bring your camera and taste buds for an Asian themed experience. The Lucky Dragon is very very big and may make you feel like you’re literally in China. Being in another country while still being in your home country is the feeling that the Lucky Dragon is searching for they may very well accomplished their goal with the vast area of land that they have to work with. Anything is possible with the Lucky Dragon Resort as it is so large many people spend over 50% of their vacation time on the lucky Dragon’s grounds. With restaurants, shopping malls and even a hotel resort pool area there is literally nothing that can customers one besides staying on the Lucky Dragons premises. It is worth over four billion dollars and the price continues to grow with expansion ideas. I’m making sure to schedule your trip early you will definitely be one of the first to view the amazing spectacular sight of the Lucky Dragon.

Top 3 Las Vegas Escort Service you must use to hire your next Escort/Call Girl

Why Should I Hire An Escort/Call Girl?

Hiring an escort is actually a great idea. Escorting is becoming increasingly popular in Las Vegas. Most men hire an escort because it is a confidential way to have a date for the evening without a commitment. They can appreciate having a piece of eye candy on their arm and someone that is attentive to their needs. Hiring an escort will allow you to tailor your date to your desired specifications. For example, if you’re interested in a specific height you can choose an escort that meets your height requirements.

Each escort/call girl will have a profile that includes their characteristics and this will allow you to hire someone that you’re compatible with. If you’re attending a sports event, you should choose an escort that has an interest in sports. Choosing someone with similar interests will give you a better chance of having a good evening. Women can also hire a male escort and tailor their date with the same options. Most people are under the assumption that hiring an escort involves sexual activity, but it doesn’t have to. You can hire a date simply for companionship for the evening and nothing more.

Hiring an escort is easy and discreet. You can go to an actual agency and choose someone for the evening or you can browse and hire an escort from your home or office by visiting an online website. There are 3 top Las Vegas escorting websites that you must use if you plan on hiring an escort/call girl for your event or special occasion. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to have a beautiful, intelligent, and attentive date for the evening. The following are the top 3 Las Vegas escorting websites to choose from.

Top Three Las Vegas Escorting Agencies

Runway Escorts In Las Vegas

If you’re interested in fantasy escorts, Runway Escorts in Las Vegas is a prestigious escort agency with beautiful, busty, blonde, brunette, and Asian escorts to choose from. Enjoy the perks of having a girlfriend with no obligations. They have classy escorts dedicated to your satisfaction, filled with conversation, and very attentive. Their exquisite set of escorts go out of their way to make your fantasies come true. They make your trip to Vegas exciting and memorable. They’re highly recommended for bachelor parties and offer couple friendly ecorts. Don’t wait in line, connect with one of their beautiful ladies today, (702) 433-2076 or by email runwayescorts@gmail.com. You’re also invited to visit their exclusive website for more details. Your confidentiality is their top priority with Runway Escorts.

Las Vegas Lollipop Escorts

Las Vegas Lollipop Escorts is one of the most highly rated escort agencies on the strip. They offer a range of hot beautiful women from the local area. Choose from Asian, BBW, and busty blonde escorts. Lollipop Escorts is one of the highest rated adult service providers in Las Vegas. Enjoy the largest directory of quality women in the area. They have the Girlfriend Experience (GFE), dancers, and strippers listed in their extensive directory. Their huge inventory of women will meet your every desire. Beautiful and kind women will occupy you during your stay in Las Vegas. Forget losing all your money at the casino or getting teased at an adult club by hiring one of their escorts. They’ll have an escort in a skin tight dress or sophisticated attire at your hotel door in 30 minutes or less. Choose from their list of ladies if you’re looking for pleasure. Connect with one of their ladies right now through their call (702) 456-0239 or email option. They offer 24/7 services for their clients.

Diamond Las Vegas Escort Agency

Are you interested in personal companionship or entertainment? Diamond Las Vegas Escort Agency offers immediate companionship from gorgeous women that aim to please. Their escorts are committed to helping you have a great time during your next event or social occasion. Diamond Escorts are known for being sexy and desirable. Their easy to navigate website has their top ten requested and re-requested escorts clearly listed. Hire a model that has professionalism and honesty. They have some of the most beautiful blondes, Asians, and brunettes in the industry. A night out with one of their women will leave you with a burning first impression. Immediately search for hot sexy entertainment in the local Vegas area by using their calling feature, (702) 991-3558 to learn more about hiring a beautiful escort/call girl today.